Together We Achieve More
PDRMA’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
At PDRMA, we believe there is strength in our differences. We strive to create an environment of belonging and empowerment by listening and engaging with our diverse communities of employees, our system of governance, and our members. As we work toward setting and achieving our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals, we hold ourselves accountable to those communities.

Our Team Members We have an inclusive culture where employees of all backgrounds and abilities feel welcome and important. Our focus is on increasing our collective DEI awareness, understanding, and engagement, so all our employees enjoy the benefits of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace every day - and experience the positive outcomes of DEI-oriented decision making.

Our Governance Our Board of Directors and committees are improving their understanding of DEI integration and how it strengthens our risk pool, ensuring the good work PDRMA does reflects the communities it serves. We are working with a consultant to assess our DEI accomplishments and develop an action plan to further advance our efforts and ensure we reach our goal. To that end, we recently revised our Board of Director eligibility requirements to encourage a broader and more diverse slate of interested members.

Our Membership Knowledge is power, and our goal is to give our members the information they need to initiate and support DEI efforts within their agency. We partner with professional organizations throughout Illinois to conduct DEI research and awareness campaigns within our industry. We also are a resource for our members, sharing tools and best practices to help ignite discussions and create sustainable plans of action.

Our commitment to our employees, membership, and partners is to continue our work to make you proud to be part of the PDRMA community. Together, we achieve more.