PDRMA is member owned and member controlled so we actively listen to our membership and deliver the coverage and resources they need. As you can see, our risk pool governance is structured to ensure our members are always in the driver’s seat.
Membership Assembly
This body holds the highest level of governance and each member has one vote for each coverage program they’re in - Health or Property/Casualty. The Membership Assembly elects the Board of Directors, adopts bylaws and amendments, and establishes PDRMA's contractual term.
Program Councils
Each coverage program – Health and Property/Casualty – is governed by its Program Council, and each participating member agency is represented by one representative. Each council determines the coverages, limits and deductibles PDRMA offers, as well as approves the annual budget, rates and member contributions.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors provides the strategic vision for our pool. It approves and terminates coverage programs, selects PDRMA’s President/Chief Executive Officer, adopts PDRMA’s administrative budget, approves and removes members, resolves disputes and provides operational guidance to management. Click here to contact PDRMA’s board members and learn why they love being a PDRMA member.
Our committees provide our members additional opportunities to be a voice at the table, provide insight and input on policies and planning, and help ensure our coverage programs continue to meet members’ needs. A brief overview of how these committees contribute to our ongoing success is below.
Oversees the annual audit of PDRMA's financial statements.
Claims and Coverage
Approves Property/Casualty claim and lawsuit settlements and hears claim appeals from members.
Education and Training
Identifies members’ education and training needs and provides guidance for new resources.
Oversees our annual budget and reviews our investment strategy.
Health Benefits
Considers changes to Health benefit offerings and approves benefit plans and rates prior to Health Program Council approval.
Management and Personnel
Assists the President/Chief Executive Officer with management and personnel matters.
Nomination and Election
Conducts the election of the Board of Directors.
Risk Management
Identifies members’ property/casualty risks and exposures and provides guidance for loss-control initiatives.
Identifies members’ wellness and preventive health needs, and provides guidance for new wellness initiatives, awards and incentives.