For more than 30 years we’ve been helping members choose the right benefits and taking the stress out of managing them.
We recognize building a great benefits package that attracts and retains employees can be frustrating and managing it takes more time than you have. That’s why we listened to our members and built an array of support services that simplify the world of benefits administration.
Build Your Package
We provide one-on-one personalized support to help you pick the right plans and coverage for your needs and model the costs so there are no budgeting surprises.
Online Benefits Management
that allows your employees to manage their benefits tasks efficiently while saving you time.
Open Enrollment
made easy. We guide you every step of the way and it’s all managed online.
Employee Assistance
Our Health Benefits Coordinators are always available to you and your employees to explain coverage, walk-through life events or help understand a medical bill.
COBRA and IMRF Continuation
We take COBRA and IMRF continuation administration off your hands because we’re all about making your life easier.
No Extra Fees
All our support is included with your coverage.
Leslie Reid
Health Program Operations Supervisor

Leslie’s 13 years of..... experience provides her with expertise in health benefits education and COBRA/IMRF continuation coverage. She also works with members and participants to find answers to questions and concerns related to benefits coverage.

Melissa Bruno
Health Program Coordinator

Melissa brings more than 20..... years’ experience to her position and, like Jessica, provides expertise in the areas of participant eligibility and enrollment, Benefits Coordinator training and helping members and participants resolve medical claims issues.

Marlynn Gonzalez
Health Program Coordinator

With experience as a health support consultant..... and appointment scheduler, Marlynn focuses on participant benefits enrollment and eligibility, training Benefits Coordinators and helping members and participants resolve claim issues.

Jessica Merma-Moreno
Health Program Coordinator

With five years of ..... healthcare experience, Jessica focuses on providing claim support for members and participants, training Benefits Coordinators, managing participant eligibility and enrollment as well as resolving related issues.

Members may participate in one or both coverage programs but participating in both offers you the best value since you to save 5% on your Property/Casualty annual contribution!