The Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA) is an intergovernmental risk pool offering self-insured Property/Casualty and health coverage to park districts, special recreation associations, and forest preserve/conservation districts throughout Illinois.

Formed in 1984 in response to a volatile commercial insurance market, PDRMA provides risk financing and risk management programs tailored to the unique needs of park and recreation agencies - and remains a respected leader in risk management more than 25 years later. Our members partner with us to govern the Property/Casualty and health programs, sharing responsibility for direction and continued growth.

In return, PDRMA supports members with a variety of services:

  • Risk management - Our expert staff provides consultation to help members develop Property/Casualty programs customized to each agency's size, operations, and facilities. Our health program manages member's risks with a variety of wellness initiatives, including an annual, comprehensive, onsite Health Risk Assessment and semiannual Healthy Habits for Life programs.
  • Education and training - Our annual Risk Management Institute, Human Resources and Employment Liability Program, Workshops for Benefit Coordinators, and regional and online training programs provide education across all member departments and all PDRMA coverages.
  • Legal services - Our staff attorneys offer legal consultation at no additional cost.
  • Claims administration - Our in-house claims team expertly handles Property/Casualty claims on members' behalf.
  • Web-based resources - Our loss-control and health-information resources, training programs, health forms, and model policies put risk management information at members' fingertips.

We understand our members' mission and help them take charge of their agency's future, even in today's turbulent economy. Our strategic plan reflects PDRMA's commitment to provide stable member-contribution rates, to deliver superior member services, and to help members control their losses through smart risk management.


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