Become a Member

PDRMA is a self-governed risk pool owned and controlled by members who share the responsibility for PDRMA's ongoing stability and growth. Selective membership makes PDRMA unique among pools and allows us to choose as members only those districts and agencies that meet our selective criteria.

Every member must be committed to the same risk management principles, so we can foster well-managed, high-quality park and recreation agencies that work together to reduce Property/Casualty and Health losses and support each other in risk management programs.

That collective strength allows PDRMA to provide members with:

  • Comprehensive Property/Casualty and Health coverage at competitive rates.
  • Advice and counsel to avoid legal-action incidents.
  • Assistance in managing loss-related crises, and Health and Property/Casualty risks.
  • Safer and healthier work and play environments for employees and patrons.
  • Financial savings.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss membership, contact Tim Conlon, Property/Casualty Program Director, at or 630-769-0332.