Education and Training

The Education and Training department, part of the Operations division, provides cost-effective, high-quality, park-and-recreation-specific training materials to members with Property/Casualty and/or Health coverage. With online and live classes, train-the-trainer programs, webinars, videos, and an array of educational posters, pamphlets, and signs, PDRMA's training programs promote safe and healthy environments in which to work and play.

PDRMA's Education and Training Team

Jason Bell, MBA
Director of Operations
Experience: 22 years
PDRMA: 2014
Bill Hooker, MS, ARM, CEAS
Training Program Supervisor
Experience: 32 years
PDRMA: 20 years
Patty Maher, CPTD
Training and Development Supervisor
Experience: 35 years
PDRMA: 2005