Health Program

The PDRMA Health Program provides affordable health benefits to more than 2,200 employees and dependents at 91 member agencies. The health program focuses on a comprehensive health-risk management approach that includes prevention, disease management, and case management strategies to help control losses by managing risks.

PDRMA's Health Program Team

Laura Ganschow, ARM
Health Program Director
Experience: 28 years
PDRMA: 2006
Leslie Reid
Health Program Operations Supervisor
Experience: 12 years
PDRMA: 2010
Melissa Bruno
Health Benefits Coordinator
Experience: 21 years
PDRMA: 2007
Jessica Merma-Moreno
Health Benefits Coordinator
Experience: 4 years
PDRMA: 2018
Lauren Blackburn, CHES
Wellness Consultant
Experience: 11 years
PDRMA: 2011