We continue to expand our curricula, which we develop to address specific member and loss-control needs. Each PDRMA member agency identifies people as our direct contacts in various areas. For example, Benefits Coordinators and Safety Coordinators convey health benefits and risk management information to agency employees. To help them fulfill their responsibilities, our Education and Training department developed specific curricula:

Benefits Coordinator Curriculum

  • Getting Started Session
  • Benefit Coordinator Skills training
  • Benefit Coordinator Workshop
  • HIPAA Training
  • Claims Training

Safety Coordinator Curriculum

  • What is PDRMA? A Trusted Partner
  • The PDRMA Loss Control Review
  • Statements of Admission
  • Claims Reporting for Supervisors
  • Developing and Facilitating an Effective Safety Committee
  • My Role as a Safety Coordinator
    • Coordinating the Safety Program
    • Creating a Training Plan
    • PDRMA Resources
    • Loss Analysis
    • Employee Injury Prevention PIPP