Online Programs

PDRMA's online learning programs offer convenience, flexibility, and accessibility to many of our members. These programs allow members to be creative in bringing training to their employees. While many front-line people do not have daily access to a computer, a laptop in a break room on a bad-weather day can be the perfect opportunity for an employee to complete training. Our online programs allow:

  • 24/7, 365-days-a-year access to courses.
  • Less impact on our environment because of reduced/eliminated travel time.
  • No fee.
  • Flexibility to learn wherever a member employee has access to a computer and the Internet.
  • Bookmarks to start and stop a course whenever it fits the participant's schedule.
  • Written content and voice narration with a blend of digital images, video, and animations that often reflect park and recreation operations.


As part of our web-based delivery system, we continue to expand our webinar topics and offerings. With PDRMA's web-based seminars, participants can learn about a topic from home or work by using a simple interface. In addition, we archive all our webinars so participants can access them online after completing the live webinar.