Apply for Membership

If you are interested in applying for membership in the PDRMA Health Program, please contact Laura Ganschow at , or call 630-435-8998 to speak to someone on the PDRMA Health Program Team about the application process.

Membership Process Summary

  • A minimum of six weeks before your desired effective date, contact PDRMA Health. We will give you current rates and plan designs so you can calculate your agency's rates to determine if our Health Program fits your agency's budget and needs. Our Health Program Team will gladly meet with you in person to discuss all aspects of the plan.
  • If you want to recommend PDRMA Health to your agency, you must first undergo a medical review and formally apply. Every eligible employee, retiree (under 65), and COBRA continuant must complete an individual medical questionnaire. You also must complete an application showing what benefits you currently offer and any employee medical issues you are aware of. We recommend giving employees at least a week to fill out and return the medical questionnaires.
  • Once we have your employer application and all employee medical questionnaires, you can expect a decision within one week.
  • If PDRMA Health accepts your agency and you wish to proceed, implementation of our program takes a minimum of three weeks.