Our Health Philosophy

PDRMA's Health Program provides high-quality health benefits to more than 2,400 employees plus their dependents at 91 member locations. The pooled contributions of our members make it possible for each agency to meet the challenge of providing affordable employee health benefits.

Our program includes:

  • A self-insured medical PPO with a large national, provider network and 90-percent in-network coverage.
  • An HMO option through Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • A prescription plan.
  • An employee assistance program.
  • A life insurance program.
  • Optional dental and vision coverage.

PDRMA's Health Program operates on the same principles and concepts that have made our risk management program so successful — loss control through managed risk. To reduce health risks, we have a comprehensive wellness approach that includes plan design to promote prevention and case-management strategies, as well as training, education, and health/wellness resources.