The PDRMA Difference

Selective Pooling. Our Health Program is not like typical health insurance because we are not an insurance company — we are a member-owned, risk management pool. With PDRMA Health, even the smallest agency can benefit from the strength of being part of a large group. We do not penalize our members for bad claims experience; there is no individual rating or refusing to cover individuals with high medical claims. But in order to protect the interests of our current members, prospective members must meet specific criteria.

Control of Benefits. Each member has a role in governing our Health Program and can offer input on the benefits provided. Changes to benefits go through committee review and our full membership votes to approve them. Each year, every agency can choose the mix of benefits and coverages to offer their employees.

Long-term Strategy. Every member we accept in the PDRMA Health Program agrees to stay with PDRMA Health for a minimum of three years. Our Health Program strives to keep annual cost increases below medical trend. We have found that consistently engaging our Health Program members in wellness programs is the best way to protect against market fluctuations and claims volatility, to meet our financial targets, and to improve the quality of life for employees.

Administrative Support. Another way PDRMA is different is in offering administrative support for COBRA and the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund continuation, providing enrollment processing and management services, and supporting your Benefits Coordinator with training classes and webinars. Our Health Program Team is committed to going above and beyond the level of service you might expect from a commercial insurer when it comes to handling claims issues and answering coverage questions.

Independent Operations. We manage the many services and agreements that are part of the PDRMA Health Program with the goal of securing the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost. We do that through economies of scale — by selecting the best partners to help us deliver comprehensive coverage at a competitive price. By pooling our more than 2,400 member participants we achieve those economies of scale.