Risk Management and Wellness

Whether it is for our Property/Casualty or Health Program members, PDRMA's focus is on helping members manage risks and implement loss-prevention programs. Our Risk Management Consultants provide agencies with insight to improve their risk-management practices, and our Wellness Consultants offer programs to members that encourage employees to develop healthy behaviors to lower their risk of illness and injury.

Our Loss Control Review assesses members' success in implementing PDRMA's recommended risk management programs to reduce or eliminate property, liability, and workers' compensation losses. PDRMA Health's Positive Activities Toward Health (PATH) Program allows participants and their qualified dependents to complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA) along with a biometric screening to assess their health risk-factors. PATH uses that information, as well as each person's individual goals, to create a customized wellness plan for every participant. PATH offers a variety of resources, activities, challenges and support to help people improve their well-being.

These programs are just two of many resources available to PDRMA members to manage the risks they face every day in providing services to their patrons, managing their facilities, and helping their employees maintain and improve their quality of life.