Field Services

PDRMA Risk Management Consultants provide a wide range of onsite services to members to help them follow risk management and safety best practices to protect their employees, patrons, and facilities. These services include consultation, analysis, and recommendations in addition to field visits received when conducting regularly scheduled Risk Management Review (RMR) visits to address specific issues.

Risk Management Consultation

Injury Prevention — Our Risk Management Consultants focus on injury prevention to help members improve workers' compensation loss control. They discuss the value and importance of incorporating ergonomics and stretching into everyday job tasks, provide members with observation and coaching techniques to help them create a culture of safety, assist with agency program implementation, and provide loss analysis to help members better assess risks.

Field Visits

Accident Investigations — After a significant or unusual loss, our Risk Management Consultants may visit the member to help conduct an investigation and develop strategies to prevent a reoccurrence.

Aquatic Risk Management — Our consultants are knowledgeable about federal and Illinois state regulations and codes and are Certified Pool Operators. They can advise members about pool operation and management with an emphasis on loss control and safety.

Crisis Management — Working with PDRMA’s Claims department and Legal Services division, our consultants are on call to help members manage crisis situations involving the public and the media.

Field Service Request — Members can request an onsite visit by a Risk Management Consultant to help solve a specific safety issue or evaluate a safety risk, such as a pre-inspection of a special event or a walk-through inspection of a new facility.

Hazard Survey — This walk-through inspection by a Risk Management Consultant checks for unsafe work conditions based on Illinois Department of Labor/Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Management Meeting — A member can request someone from PDRMA's Risk Management department to attend a meeting to discuss our loss-prevention philosophies, evaluate alternative loss-control measures, or identify deficiencies or risks at the agency.

Playground Audit Inspection — Our Risk Management Consultants are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors and can help members begin the one-time playground audit process for compliance with the Consumer Products Safety Commission and ASTM Playground Safety Standards.

Safety Committee Meetings — At a member's request, a PDRMA Risk Management Consultant can attend a safety committee meeting to advise on organization, duties, responsibilities, or general recommendations on how to make the committee effective.