Injury Prevention

PDRMA recognizes that workplace injuries impact our members in direct and indirect ways. Beyond the cost of claims, employee injuries can result in serious and sometimes permanent injuries that impact the person's quality of life forever.

We take a comprehensive approach to reducing injuries both at home and at work. To specifically address workers' compensation costs, we created the PDRMA Injury Prevention Program (PIPP). PIPP focuses on four specific injury areas that result in the highest costs to our members:

  • Slip, trip, and fall.
  • Lifting and bending.
  • Pulling and pushing.
  • Twisting and turning.

Beginning with a commitment to injury prevention, we provide ergonomic and stretching resources, as well as safety programs, to help employees identify causes of injury, perform safe work practices and communicate injury prevention expectations and successes.

We understand the mission of our member agencies and work with them to integrate risk-management changes into their organizational structure and budget. Agency employees can avoid many potential injuries while minimizing the impact of others. And that's critical in helping members fulfill their mission while protecting PDRMA members' pooled assets and keeping our coverage costs down.