Property Conservation

Jurisdictional Boiler Inspections

PDRMA helps its members protect their facilities and equipment through various programs and inspections available at no cost. We contract with our property insurance company, Travelers Insurance Company, to do jurisdictional boiler inspections. It is important for members to review boiler certificates to know when the boiler or other pressure-vessel certifications expire.

PDRMA members can download our Property Loss Control Services (257) document for more information about scheduling a no-cost inspection.

Sprinkler Impairment Program

PDRMA also has a Sprinkler Impairment Program to help members monitor their fire suppression systems. In 96.4 percent of cases, the sprinkler system in a building can control or extinguish a fire. In the remaining 3.6 percent of cases, the most common reason why the sprinkler system does not control or put out the fire is because the water supply valves are closed — the result of shutting down the system to make repairs when there is an impairment/repair to the system. Our program encourages members to think about alternative protection during those times. By following our Sprinkler Impairment Program, we make follow-up calls once repairs are complete to ensure the water supply valves are open. The Sprinkler Impairment Permit System Kit is available to PDRMA members free of charge.

Plan Review Services

Through the Plan Review Services of Kodiak Fire Protection Services, Inc., PDRMA offers members a free review of their pre-construction plans for new construction, building additions, and renovations. Kodiak engineers make recommendations for fire suppression systems and property-conservation issues to address before construction.

Hot Work Permit System

Our Hot Work Permit System reduces the possibility of accidental fires when welding or using torches. Members should use hot work permits when indoor maintenance, remodeling, or construction work involves cutting torches or welding equipment. PDRMA's hot work permit system is a great way for members to reduce the possibility of an accidental fire before, during, and after hot work.

PDRMA's Flood Checklist, Electrical Safety Guidelines and Monthly Building Fire and Property Conservation Inspection Checklist ensure member agencies have an emergency response plan for floods and for maintaining building safety.