Creating a Culture of Wellness

When wellness is part of the workplace culture, employees have the support they need to stay committed to a healthy life. Creating that culture of wellness depends on establishing five dimensions within the workplace:

  1. Shared values — Employees have to see wellness as one of the top values.
    Learn how Dundee Park District shares its wellness values.
  2. Cultural norms — Employees can identify what they are.
    Zion Park District talks about making wellness part of the agency’s cultural norms.
  3. Touch points — Employees need rewards, training, communication, etc.
    Find out what Gurnee Park District’s touch points are.
  4. Peer support — Employees help each other achieve wellness.
    Warren Special Recreation Association provides the peer support employees need.
  5. Climate — Employees see wellness contributing to morale and teamwork.
    Discover the wellness climate at South East Association for Special Parks And Recreation.

PDRMA Health helps members establish a successful culture of wellness by providing programs and services that offer rewards and recognition, are easy to use, encourage peer support and teamwork, and include training and communication. Helping member agencies create a culture of wellness is another way PDRMA supports members in better managing their health care risks.