Our Wellness Program

PATH – Positive Activities Toward Health

PDRMA Health's PATH program is a one-stop wellness portal that provides easy access to a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), biometric screening schedule, and a wide range of trackers, challenges, educational resources, coaching opportunities and year-round activities to help employees and their dependents make their wellness journey successful.

PATH ensures every participant has a personalized plan for achieving and maintaining their well-being, by combining information from the PHA, screening results and individual wellness goals to develop a unique experience. And since PATH is administered by a trusted PDRMA Health vendor, all information is confidential.

We also offer member employees the opportunity to earn up to a $400 annual incentive by participating in many PATH opportunities to earn points that translate into dollars at the end of each year.

With easy access to PATH simply by logging in to the PDRMA website, our members – agencies and employees – realize significant benefits from supporting and promoting wellness.

Employees see:

  • Tools and resources to better their health.
  • Improved work/life balance.
  • Decreased number of injuries, at home and on the job.
  • Earned incentives.

Employers notice:

  • Lowered health care costs.
  • Improved employee morale and productivity.
  • Reduced sick leave.
  • Decreased incidence of on-the-job accidents.

In addition to PATH, our Wellness Program includes additional resources to help employees better understand their state of wellness and how it impacts their quality of life:

  • Workplace Solutions Employee Assistance Program.
  • Health in Action newsletter.
  • My Nurse 24/7 line for PPO plan participants.
  • Preventive exams and screenings at no cost for PPO and HMO plan participants.
  • Nutritional counseling for PPO and HMO plan participants.
  • Smoking cessation benefits for PPO and HMO plan participants.
  • Discounts for health clubs and diet programs for HMO plan participants.