JUNE 2024
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West Chicago Park District aquatic mascot Tortuga and Lifeguard Emma Tate.

Don’t Sing the Blues This Summer!

Summertime, the busiest season for PDRMA members, is rightly celebrated in pop culture and has inspired many songs. But two summer occurrences — heat-related illnesses and poison ivy — might tempt you to sing the blues!

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that from 2011 to 2019, heat-related episodes averaged 38 fatalities per year and 2,700 cases requiring days away from work. These illnesses range from heat cramps to heat stroke (which can lead to death) and can affect anyone regardless of age or physical condition.

Although the elderly, the very young, those with certain medical conditions or taking certain medications are most at risk...

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Emergency medical technicians performing CPR on a man on a stretcher wearing a neck brace.
Create a Comprehensive Special Event Risk Management Plan

It’s summertime — time for barbecues, concerts in the park — and increased awareness of threats to patrons and employees at such events. “The open nature of special events creates safety challenges for our members,” notes Lindsey Robertson, PDRMA Risk Management Consultant. 

The best course of action, one PRDMA member says, is a clear, comprehensive safety plan, thorough training for staff and volunteers, and a close working relationship with local law enforcement.

According to Amy Darling, Risk Manager, Vernon Hills Park District...

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Against a blue wall is a red-and-white round target with the word “GOALS” superimposed on it. The top of a white ladder rests against the target.
Meet Your Risk Management Review Deadlines to Earn Agency Incentives

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Bearded man with glasses sitting in front of a bookcase, holding a pen and looking at a laptop screen.
Summer Training

What can you do in 10 minutes? 

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