March 2024
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Hand holding megaphone with “heart” cards coming out of the megaphone.
Shoutout Spotlight

PATH Shoutouts are a great way to recognize others’ efforts and receive recognition and support of your own. You can earn 100 PATH points for giving a Shoutout and 100 PATH points for receiving a Shoutout each month — up to 600 points a quarter. Use them to say “Thanks!” or “Good job!” to a coworker or teammate. Then be sure to check our Shoutout Spotlight article in each issue of Health in Action to see if we tell your Shoutout story!


Photo taken by Ed Reidy.
Photo taken by Ed Reidy

Jackie Keenan Recognizes Ed Reidy for Teamwork
Jackie Keenan, Social Media Coordinator at Frankfort Square Park District, says one person can’t be everywhere — especially in her case since she works remotely. That alone, she says, would make getting good photos for the website of many of the park district’s events difficult, if not for Ed Reidy, Superintendent of Parks. She says Ed is an exceptional team player and that’s why she recognized him with a Shoutout.

“Ed lives in the moment and then takes great photos,” says Jackie. “I am always pleasantly surprised by the pictures he sends my way. And it’s not part of Ed’s job requirements! He cares about the parks and the people who use them. As his teammate, I am forever grateful!”

Paula Marr Recognizes Kelly Pezdek for Drive

Paula Marr.
Paula Marr
Paula Marr, Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator at Worth Park District, gave Kelly Pezdek, Finance and Human Resources Manager, a Shoutout for Drive, telling her, “Your drive is like a carpool! Thank you for always picking up me and others along the way.”

Paula adds, “Kelly is always there for anyone and anything that is needed and does so in the most positive and supportive way. She embodies the spirit and defines ‘Human Resources.’ Her motto is ‘Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.’

“Those are just some of the reasons I wanted to give Kelly a Shoutout. Another is I wanted to pay it forward for the encouraging Shoutouts I received.”


Lauren Raspanti.
Lauren Raspanti

Lauren Raspanti, Number One Shoutout Giver, Receives One of Her Own
Lauren Raspanti, Superintendent of Marketing & Community Engagement, Lemont Park District, is PATH’s most prolific Shoutout giver and never misses an opportunity to recognize her coworkers.

“Shoutouts are simple and fun,” she says. “You never know what your coworker is going to compliment you on or recognize you for.”

Lauren was on the receiving end of a Shoutout for a change when Meaghan Bower, Aquatics Supervisor, recognized Lauren for Teamwork related to a conference presentation. “Meaghan does a fantastic job of lifting up her coworkers and recognizing everyone for their achievements, big or small. And it’s so important to recognize the small victories, personal or professional, and make sure your team is always feeling noticed and appreciated.”

David Gray Recognized for Drive
David Gray, Recruitment & Professional Development Manager and his agency’s Wellness Ambassador, and Cody Haines, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, work side-by-side at Pleasure Driveway and Park District of Peoria. “We’ve conducted many

David Gray and Cody Haines.
David, left; Cody, right
trainings together over the years and always do our best to keep each other informed and motivated — and pass it along to our staff as well!”

When Cody recognized him for his Drive with a note that said, “Here’s to 2024,” it motivated David to kick off the New Year on the right foot! “Whether it is in recognition of a job well done, for going the extra mile, and/or to encourage staff to keep up with goals or challenges taking place, I try my best to be mindful of what others need. Sometimes a Shoutout can turn someone’s day around in a positive way, so why not send one?”

According to David, Shoutouts are a fun and easy way for participants to interact with one another. “I think they're great!”