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Qualify for the Best Coverage

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2023 Risk Management Grant and Recognition Winners


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Get Ready for 2024 Training Classes — Live and Virtual

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Qualify for the Best Coverage

Changing economic circumstances and evolving threats make some coverage requirements a moving target for PDRMA’s members. As 2023 ends, and in anticipation of 2024 renewals, we’re asking members to help us continue to qualify for competitive property coverage rates by verifying assets and improving agency cyber security.  

Asset Verification

Woman comparing printed data to data on laptop screen.Your agency will receive its updated property schedules in January, 2024, along with a request to verify the asset values and acreage totals, which we use to determine member contribution rates. We need you to confirm/correct the acreage data by Feb. 1, 2024. Kroll will continue, through the end of first quarter 2024, to update member data in its Property Clarity system. You must complete a final verification of your agency property schedules by May 1, 2024, in preparation for our July 1, 2024, property coverage renewal.

Each agency can choose between submitting asset changes directly in the Property Clarity system or emailing them to Sophie Ottley, PDRMA Property/Casualty Operations Coordinator, by May 1, 2024.

Cyber Renewal

“Virus Detection spider “button” in the middle of computer board.Good cybersecurity habits are vital, and every employee plays a role in keeping data safe. Some 94 percent of malware arrives via email, and almost half (43 percent) of all data breaches come from inside an organization.  

PDRMA has training available to members, and last year offered a subsidy to help defray the cost of implementing Multi-Factor Authentication. This year, PDRMA has contracted with cybersecurity expert KYND to help members meet future coverage eligibility requirements.

KYND consultants are available now and in 2024 for one-on-one meetings with members to advise and provide direction based on a review of each agency’s external and internal cyber vulnerabilities. For questions about cybersecurity, please email

Look for a PDRMA email early in 2024 to register for our cyber renewal webinar when we’ll discuss the new cyber insurance renewal requirements as well as overall member results and eligibility for renewal.