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2023 Risk Management Grant and Recognition Winners


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Individual images of each winning grant item.

2023 Risk Management Grant and Recognition Winners Conquer Safety Challenges Once Again

This year 14 PDRMA members will find a little extra something in their holiday stockings — a cash grant award of a minimum of $500 up to $2,500 (in $250 increments) — for their innovative solutions to a risk management issue, thanks to our Risk Management Grant and Recognition Program.

Members can submit up to two program proposals throughout a calendar year, with a final deadline in September. To date, PDRMA has awarded tens of thousands of dollars to members for their creative risk management solutions. For more information on the submission criteria for the grant program, please download Risk Management Grant and Recognition Program (768).

You’ll find all 2023 grant applications in 2023 Risk Management Grant and Recognition Submissions 2023 (4089). For a complete list of previous winners, refer to Risk Management Grant and Recognition Program — Past Winners (1556).

2023 Winners

E.A.G.L.E. Garbage Can LiftBuffalo Grove Park District — $2,000
E.A.G.L.E. Garbage Can Lift
Custodians, janitors and others can now easily lift heavy garbage receptacles into dumpsters without injury thanks to this innovative device that secures to a dumpster and uses an arm on the side to lift and empty bins.


Salt Truck Spreader Camera/Monitor DeKalb Park District — $500
Salt Truck Spreader Camera/Monitor
A two-camera/monitor on salt trucks lets the driver check how much salt remains in the hopper without disembarking in icy/wet conditions and gives the driver greater visibility behind the truck.


Parkit360 Electric Trailer DollyForest Preserve District of Kane County — $1,500
Parkit360 Electric Trailer Dolly
A rechargeable electric trailer dolly eliminates manually moving the trailers and reduces the risk of employees suffering musculoskeletal and/or slip, trip and fall injuries.


Battery Powered Temporary/Event LightingGlenview Park District — $500
Battery Powered Temporary/Event Lighting
This temporary lighting solution provides additional lighting for the Grove’s outdoor wedding pavilion, eliminating the need for noisy generators and heavy equipment, and reduces slip, trip and fall hazards for vendors and staff post event.


Classroom Door Lockdown ShadesHoffman Estates Park District — $500
Classroom Door Lockdown Shades
In armed-shooter scenarios, restricting their view into rooms is key. These shades tie at the top, and you can easily pull them down in childcare and programming rooms, gyms and the board room while still meeting the Department of Child and Family Services guidelines for open classroom door windows.


Dock WinchKankakee Valley Park District — $500
Dock Winch
When staff manually pulls docks into positions with a rope, this winch does the heavy lifting. It reduces the number of staff needed for the task while reducing their injury risk.


Fidget Friendly Non-Pinch Chairs (ZUMA Series Floor Rocker)Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation — $1,500
Fidget Friendly Non-Pinch Chairs (ZUMA Series Floor Rocker)
These lightweight, sensory-friendly chairs offer special needs children under stress a comforting safe space without them accidentally pinching their fingers.


AED: Will TravelNortheast DuPage Special Recreation Association — $1,000
AED: Will Travel
This portable AED allows access to life-saving equipment for trained agency staff during trips and stays at rental homes that may not have emergency response equipment for special needs visitors aside from standard fire safety items and agency-provided first aid kits.


Conti Blade Changing AssistantPark District of Oak Park — $2,000
Conti Blade Changing Assistant
This device minimizes the number of times staff must handle Zamboni blades or place their arms or hands near the machine.


Hypodermic Syringe Clean-Up and Bio-Hazard Prevention ProgramPark District of Oak Park — $500
Hypodermic Syringe Clean-Up and Bio-Hazard Prevention Program
Stainless steel Sharps containers at parks and inside the CRC minimize staff and park-goers’ exposure to hypodermic needles. Single, portable Sharps containers and miniature tongs inside park vehicles allow staff to remove hazardous items safely from the agency’s parks and facilities when they encounter them.


Equipment Service Warehouse Dock PlatesPleasure Driveway & Park District of Peoria — $1,000
Equipment Service Warehouse Dock Plates
This new electronic warehouse dock plate lift comes down onto a truck with the push of a button, creating an easier and more ergonomic way to use the dock plate.


Temporary Perimeter Flood BarrierProspect Heights Park District Program — $500
Temporary Perimeter Flood Barrier
A creek near the agency's baseball field overflowed twice, severely damaging the field. A temporary water-filled perimeter flood barrier, set up before heavy rains, diverts the natural water flow away from the field.


Attach/Release Sticks for Wheelchair Securement PointsSouth Suburban Special Recreation Association — $500
Attach/Release Sticks for Wheelchair Securement Points
These devices/sticks allow staff to attach and release Q-straints from wheelchairs safely, sparing participants and staff potential injury and creating more personal space for both.


Winter Evacuation BagsWaukegan Park District — $500
Winter Evacuation Bags
Despite an active fire alarm one winter, indoor pool patrons were reluctant to evacuate the facility. The agency realized putting barely clothed, wet individuals outside in cold temperatures created a problem. Winter Evacuation Bags with hand warmers, gloves, hats, socks and emergency blankets (each with enough for 20 people) allow staff to hand them out when an evacuation is necessary.


Relocation and Reunification ProgramWest Chicago Park District — $2,000
Relocation and Reunification Program
The agency, with other community organizations and local law enforcement, participates in an annual relocation and reunification drill. Some 400 students come to the ARC Center to practice relocating and then reunifying with their parents.