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Get Ready for 2024 Training Classes — Live and Virtual

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Get Ready for 2024 Training Classes — Live and Virtual

Classroom with female instructor at front.Like you, we’re working on completing all our 2023 projects before jumping into the new ones awaiting our attention next year. We’ve just started loading courses in our 2024 Training Calendar, so be sure to visit it regularly throughout the year — and especially during the first quarter — to check out our latest offerings.

As a reminder, our Online Learning Center will be unavailable from Jan. 1 until Jan. 3. We will delete any training that is in progress, so be sure to finish up any courses by Dec. 31, 2023. When we’re back online Jan. 3, check out our learning opportunities — including sexual abuse prevention classes, HELP courses that include required check-ins, legal update webinars and other supervisor and safety offerings.

Young female presenter at front of room full of attendeesDon’t forget our train-the-trainer classes either! Search Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Parks and Recreation: Train-the-Trainer on PDRMA’s website to find our April 4, 2023, recorded webinar. Listen to the recording and access the listed related resources to be ready to present this training to employees at your agency.