May 2023
2022 Shows Continued Participation Engagement with PATH

2022 Shows Continued Participation Engagement with PATH

Keeping people engaged with PATH is the best way to help them be successful in their wellness journey, and our 2022 PATH participation results confirm that!
In fact, they show 72 percent of high-risk, inactive people are more active since joining PATH, and 64 percent of participants increased or maintained a healthy step average.

It takes a while to develop positive daily habits, but last year PATH participants — including employees’ covered partners — accomplished the following:

  • Created 1,928 activity challenges and 1,003 Healthy Habit challenges…
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PDRMA Profiles Did You Take Good Care of Your “Self” During the Challenge?

PDRMA Profiles

If you choose to do your biometric screening at an on-site screening location, you know you have a “breakfast buffet” — usually coordinated by your agency’s Wellness Ambassador — to look forward to after you finish your exam. And those buffets can be as varied as everyone’s individual PATH wellness journey! While most offer granola bars, fruits and other quick items, some Wellness Ambassadors go out of their way to up the game...


Did You Take Good Care of Your “Self” During the Challenge?

When we asked last month if you felt you needed a break from taking care of others, we suggested you might want to participate in PATH’s Focus on Self-care Challenge that took place earlier this month. Four hundred and seventy-four of you took our advice, learning how to take the time you need to care for both your body and mind...

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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1-in-5 adults in the United States experience mental illness and 1-in-6 youths ages 6 to 17 experience a mental health disorder each year. The statistics are concerning — and growing.

These numbers indicate the need for even greater awareness — and knowledge — of mental illness. As a PDRMA Health-member participant, you have a variety of mental and emotional health resources available to you and your enrolled dependents, many of which you can find on PATH and our Wellness Benefits and Resources website page…Full Article

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