March 2022
Complete Your 2022 Biometric Screening Easily

Complete Your 2022 Biometric Screening Easily

If you missed having an on-site screening done before they ended March 18, you still have three ways to complete your screening this year. You’ll also earn 2,000 PATH points for doing so and an additional 150 points for each result that’s in the ideal range OR shows a 5-percent improvement over last year.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to monitor your health by scheduling an appointment for yourself (or your covered partner!) at CVS MinuteClinic, LabCorp or your Primary Care Physician by following these instructions…

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PDRMA Profiles MDLive Is PDRMA PPO’s New Telehealth Provider

PDRMA Profiles

Lauren Raspanti, Special Event Manager and Marketing Relations at Lemont Park District, finds PATH challenges a great way to get and keep people involved. But she likes to add a competitive twist by also making them a “personal” challenge from the Lemont Park District to the South East Association for Special Parks and Recreation (SEASPAR).

“It’s a great way to stay engaged and promote a bit of extra competition to keep us motivated,” says Lauren about the PATH personal challenges that are now a staple for everyone in both organizations...


MDLive Is PDRMA PPO’s New Telehealth Provider

Here’s some important news if you prefer a virtual office visit to a live one! Our new PPO telehealth provider is MDLive (it used to be Teladoc). Telehealth visits mean not having to wait a long time for an appointment and not sitting in crowded waiting rooms.

With MDLive, PPO participants have access to virtual visits any time of day and any day of the week either by phone or video call. You can receive treatment for more than 80 health conditions...

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See What You’ve Been Missing with the Nutrition Guide on PATH

See What You’ve Been Missing with the Nutrition Guide on PATH

Did you enjoy the recipes from the Food Around the Globe challenge? Or maybe you just need some nutrition resources — or a new recipe? If so, visit the Nutrition Guide page under the Health heading in PATH. Answer a couple quick questions about your personal eating style to create a guide specifically designed for you. Then you can choose to receive recipes and/or track your calories to learn more about your relationship with food and tips for improvement…Full Article

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